• Nov 26, 2013
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Interview with Style Expert Lynn Spence

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At the recent International Home Show, we got a chance to get an up close and personal look at the show space designed by Lynn Spence. Lynn Spence really knows home décor. She is a regular style expert on CityLine’s “Around the House” and Fashion Friday. Through her passion and enthusiasm for style and design, she creates inspirational ideas and solutions to appeal to the viewer’s lifestyle. Lynn is a past decorating editor of Chatelaine Magazine and a story producer for Style at Home Magazine. Her expertise in the industry has made her a regular speaker at the International Home Show.

We asked Lynn to give us a little bit of inside information on her space.



BDMS: What was your inspiration for this space?

LS: I wanted the space to be inviting, warm, casual and eclectic. I love using large pieces of furniture in small spaces. Lots of small pieces of furniture in a smaller room create chaos; make a room look cluttered and unwelcoming.  I wanted to inspire the audience, enticing them to think of their rooms as places of expression and elegance.

BDMS: How does this room incorporate upcoming design trends for 2014?

LS: I believe that mixing different metals is a huge trend. I also love using grey as a neutral, warming it up with bronze, cocoa, camel, and cream.  I loved incorporating pastel Kilim chairs to the cool grey tones of the sectional sofa, and warm neutrals of pillows, and throws, creating a tapestry of beautiful, rich fabrics that add interest.


LS: Mixing styles and periods in a room is a huge trend, and helps a homeowner avoid an uninspiring showroom look. Hanging art in groupings is a great trend, filling walls with large a medium scale pieces and creating the look of a library gallery. Mixing a number of different woods is also a great trend, one that is here to stay.



BDMS: The flooring for this space was provided by Carpet One Floor & Home and although it looks like hardwood, it is actually vinyl. How does the flooring integrate with the overall design of the space?

LS: I chose the beautiful grey tones of the flooring because it looked modern and natural. The grey is a gorgeous neutral. It worked well with the room design, whether a space is condo cool, classically elegant or worldly welcome.



The flooring in this room is St. Lawrence  by Earthscapes.

BDMS: What is your favorite piece in this room?

LS: The Moth Print in among the Paris aerial maps.



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